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False Teeth Auckland NZ

False Teeth, Dentures Why Are They Needed?

Loss of teeth can not only affect your confidence, it can also affect your ability to speak and can stop you from eating those foods you love. Dentures or as some may know it false teeth NZ can be the solution to your problems. Here at Dentures By Dental World we are Auckland’s premier false teeth technician and our false teeth can come in a range of designs to replace either some or all of your missing teeth in the form of partial or full dentures.

Here are the top 3 reasons as to why one should consider false teeth:

  • Chewing your food – the ability to chew your food is vastly improved with dentures in areas of your mouth that were previously missing teeth.
  • Appearance of your face – loss of teeth can result in a collapsed appearance to the face. False teeth can provide support for the lips and cheeks, correcting this problem.
  • Pronunciation of words – the ability to pronounce words is improved (false teeth NZ can especially help if your anterior teeth are missing).

Are you in need of false teeth NZ? Get in touch with Dentures By Dental World today Auckland, NZ’s premier false teeth technician.